Thursday, July 20, 2006


About learning to weave:
I went to Fashion Institute of Technology where I studied Textile Design/Wovens under people like Nell Znamierowski and Desiree Koslin. Wish I was still nearby enough to drop in for the occasional refresher, but, so it goes. I was delighted recently to tumble on one of the current faculty and had a fun email exchange with her this week. Nice. Made me feel back in touch with my favourite school.
I am always kind of amused when people assume that weaving is some kind of folk art that I must have learned from my grandmother! One of my grans was a working-class Londoner, WWl war-bride, who loved photography, and worked in her son-in-law's Mexican restaurant, whipping up guacamole and fajitas in later years, (she was a fun Grandma!), and the other was a Southern lady with a houseful of "help." She would have considered weaving to be something the "help" would do, since that's who did it back in the very, very bad old days before "THE War," (meaning, of course, the Civil War). She did do a lot of beautiful crochet, though, and most of us have some examples of her work. Anyway, I like to bust THAT bubble by commenting that I studied it a major fashion-industry college in the SUNY system, which also happens to be Calvin Klein's alma mater. Heh heh.
Weaving gives me a sense of continuity in what has been, for the most part, a rather moveable feast of a life. My working days were full of taking whatever I could get after I left NYC and moving rather a lot, to my great distress, since I love a familiar setting. (I do love to travel, but hate being away from home. Figure that one out! ) When came home and found myself an "heiress," I was able to get a loom again and do the thing I do best for my "butter-and-egg" money, although I hope that this will grow into a self-sustaining business in the future.
I am going to start teaching regular classes when I get back from the UK this Fall, and I guess I will start with something like "make a scarf in one day" workshops.
I am so grateful to God for my life right now. I am able to live in my hometown, go to the church where I was baptized, spend a little time playing with little kids (always a spiritual restorative, I think...keeps you perspectives straight!), do the things I do best, adopt some little critters who needed homes and just enjoy my life, my friends and beautiful Alabama ("so sweet in the Springtime").


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