Thursday, July 20, 2006

last words on weaving-munchkins

Well, the summer art camp is now history for this year. I had a wonderful time and blush to say that the weaving class won the popularity contest! The kids did want more 'sewing machines" so my goals for next year are to purchase enough Structos and Dorothy Looms and whatever else seems likely so that all the kids can have some kind of "machine" to work on, AND to make sure they all start calling them "Looms" instead of "sewing machines!"
In spite of my loathing for potholders, I had to let the littlest campers make them. Of course, guess who finished off 95% of them! I did hit on a good idea to help them with the concepts of "over-under," which I am also going to apply to the rigid-heddle looms as well: alternating colours! This way I can tell them that, the first time, they all go UNDER colour A and OVER colour B, then, the next time, go OVER colour A and UNDER colour B! The little ones ( and, surprisingly, some of the older kids) have a lot of trouble with the whole "over/under" concept.
Again, some of the kids did astounding work! One of the boys, I think he's 10, did a little scarf with selvedges that any weaver would envy: even, not too tight or too loose, just beautiful. I caught his mom when she picked him up on Friday to tell her about it.
My voice was hoarse for a couple of days, since you really do have to yell a lot to get their attention when they are in a group and all wound up. They tend to go up trees and hang out windows etc! The little ones were bouncing off the walls one afternoon at the end of the day, so I turned on Radio Disney and handed them handfulls of bubble wrap to pop and we all had a great time making a great deal of noise and giggling!
I had a ball! Can't wait till next year and am thinking of signing on as a Sunday School teacher this year!
My mother would laugh her butt off at me turning into a teacher!


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