Thursday, July 06, 2006

more on summer weaving

Well, the short entry last month gives one an idea of how intense the week was! I've been run off my feet since and am 'way behind on getting ready for session two next week!
I was thrilled, thought, that the munchkins took to it like little ducks to water and even took me up on the offer of an extra afternoon....30 of them took me up! 30 steaming, sweaty little bodies n 90+ ยบ weather in a small space. Speaking of ducks....the whole thing was kind of like being pecked to death by a bunch of hungry ducklings! And I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT and they all told the directors that MY class was the one they liked best, along with Charlie Lucas' wire sculpture. Can't believe I tied with Charlie on something! I am still amazed!
So today I have to try and make the room a little cooler. I have bought an air-conditioner...too small, of course, and am going to hang curtains this morning. And I need to hang this whole thing up and get over there before it gets HOT(ter). Hopefully, it will rain today , or,at least stay cloudy, and maybe I can stay in there longer.
I have gotten a couple more looms and will make the BIG experiment on refilling STRUCTO reels tonight. Crossed fingers! That and warp-making. Then back tomorrow and Saturday to dress looms. Guess the chiro sees me later today rather than earlier.
I hope the older kids are a little easier to deal with. The few teenagers that signed up for art camp were kind of determined not to be interested in anything at all, but, the last day, one of them came up and talked my ear off about anything or everything! You never know!
Man, we need rain! I drove home from the Amercan Village in a frog-strangle, but, by the time I got back to my neck of the woods, everything was bone-dry and the sky was perfectly clear.


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