Saturday, November 25, 2006

guilt trip posting

Really have neglected the old blog.
It's THAT time of year again and once again I contemplate a "letter" for friends and of those newsy little epistles that catches one up with the past year for people you don't keep in touch with enough. It just seems like a lot of writing, which is not something I do very well, this blog being the exception.
I have not touched my loom in ages and am beginning to feel like a bird with a wing missing. I am going to hole up today, NOT answer the phone and get it dressed and ready to weave. THe new loom arrives in mid-Dec. and I will be preoccupied with getting it put together and ready to go. THEN there are the little pieces of tubing I need to put over the hooks and that could take until next May sometime! Let's see, forty harnesses times 2. Yeah, it's still 80. THEN getting used to the fly-shuttle. Oh heck. Next year at this time, I will be so glad I did this...all $15,000.00 worth of it! Or something close to that. I find that, if I don't dwell on the fact that I shelled out more for this contraption than my car (after the trade-in) I feel somewhat better.
Man, no excuse for NOT churning out the woven products after this behemoth arrives! (And I cannot believe I spelled "behemoth" correctly without looking it up first!)
Anyway, the trip to London really derailed my studio life bigtime...of course, then it was a matter of rearranging the whole house to accomodate the aforementioned behemoth, which took up a good deal of time and energy of itself. The irony is, having "gotten my bedroom back," my preferred sleeping-spot has become the daybed in the living room. So it goes.


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