Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sum sum summertime

Well, back from the mountains with two more looms, a floor Hammet, and another "Dorothy." I think I now have enough looms overall for next summer's art camp and enough Dorothy looms to offer a nice workshop this Fall and classes later.
I picked up my cousin in Augusta, who has turned out to be a kindred spirit and more fun to be with than almost anybody I've known in years! We went to NE GA to pick these things up at a sheep farm. My little dog loved the farm but freaked out over the sheep and donkeys and tried to climb up my leg to safety. I had to hold her in my arms, where she plastered herself to my chest, until we went inside again.
Also visited the wonderful "Earth Guild" shop in Asheville and went nuts buying because I could feel, touch, heft etc the tools and yars. Dangerous!
Like I need more yarn!
At least it will eventually pay for itself.
Big surprise when I went by the gallery to pick out a scarf a friend wanted for a birthday present, and they had sold all the SHAWLS! I had expected the scarves to sell first, since they are less expensive. More shawls coming off the loom this Fall, I guess. The mayor had bought one of them for her daughter-in-law! Nice belle-mere, there!
Putting more heddles on my loom now for a biggie project: an overshot baby blanket for my best friend's first grandchild! Ahhhhhh, middle-age!