Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weaver who? Back from London

I am surprised my blog remembers who I am. Back from London! It took a week to get over the jet lag. If you've never been to "Last Night of the Proms" you need to go! We stood with the Promenaders this year, and a nicer and more fun bunch of people would be hard to find anywhere.
I am in the back row on the extreme right. Icing on the cake was a performance by one of my favourite singers, baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who appeared to be having as much fun as we all were!

It has been a long time since I lived exclusively on wine, champagne, candy, biscuits, and general cocktail snacks for two days! This all starts on the Friday before "Last Night" since we spend so much time just hanging out. THE Night brings out little flasks filled with yummy little nips.

Of course, all the mayhem is organized down in the Arena by the prommers, so I had a great time blowing up balloons and popping crackers etc. Over 61,000 pounds was collected by these great folks this year for musical charities. They do this every year and you must be sure, if you ever go, to toss some change into the buckets as you exit the Hall!
Midnight, post Prom, found me staggering into the multi-star hotel where we had treated ourselves to rooms that night (since we knew it would be a late one), with my flask, my flag, my programmes etc and begging for a bowl of soup and a pot of tea.
Joshua Bell was on the bill one night and it was just wonderful playing! I was terrribly proud of the Philadelphia Orchestra for the performance they turned in and Eschenbach was called back out repeatedly to stamping, cheers and thunderous applause. Their performance had had to be cancelled the previous night because a small fire had shorted out the Hall's electrical system. I was so disappointed because I have never heard the Beethoven "Ninth" live and had been looking forward to it.

The Sunday following brings a Thanksgiving service organized at the Chapel around the corner from the Hall. The regular prommers have filled us in on where to stay etc next year, so it should be even more fun then, and there will be at least 4 of us on that trek!

I did not make the weavers' guild meeting as planned since we had to be outside the Albert Hall on the same day, in order to answer the roll calls and keep our places in line. I did see the work of one weaver at Covent Garden who is making lovely litte scarves from chenille and "rags". Beautiful work. Saw LOTS of stripes everywhere and green is definitely in for next year.
A side-thrill each year is the annual "London's Fittest Firefighter" competition in Covent Garden. YOu can sit with your cappuccino and watch some gorgeous guys climb ladders, lift heavy buckets, carry body-like weights around etc etc. All the things firefighters have to do. They also do some trad weight-lifting things as part of it and have a rowing machine component.
A trip to York DID have some weaving connections! I have a hard time staying away from the Viking Centre there, and my friend had never been to it, so we went, saw the village and the "time machine" and viewed the artifacts. They have a weighted-warp loom set up. I am dying to weave on that one year!
At some point, a long meditation on rearranging almost my entire house to create a work room. My AVL arrives sometime within the next three weeks and I need space ready for it. At the moment, many, many things are sitting out in my hallway, awaiting their "assignments" on the floor-plans.